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Don’t have enough budget to fully implement their strategy.
Feeling the squeeze to accomplish more with less in order to achieve profitable growth.
Need to make significant changes to their marketing approach to achieve sustainable results, and our efficiency can help them with that.

A model that’s flexible & efficient

Any type of video, from anywhere in the world, all managed from one production hub.
Central HUB
Our central hub in Warsaw boasts a skilled in-house team, ensuring quality, consistency, transparency, and control. Based in the heart of Europe, it gives easy access to various markets, cultural insights, and cost-effectiveness. With a convenient time zone and access to a talented pool, we deliver efficient solutions tailored to your needs.

Global Network
We've gathered a wide network of vetted creators from across the world, ensuring a diverse pool of creativity, extensive capacity, specialized skills, and global outreach. This has led to a track record of satisfied clients from more than 15 countries, affirming our ability to deliver excellent results worldwide.

Our Services & Ways Of Working With Us

We can provide you with strategic planning, market research, and the development of comprehensive marketing campaigns across various channels.
Do you have your strategy? We will focus on creating video content, including scriptwriting, filming, editing, and post-production services, to produce visually engaging and compelling videos.
Do you have your own in-house productions? Allow us to lend our expertise in boosting their efficiency and infusing creativity for optimal results.
On demand
Flexibility is key - accessing resources as needed and specialized expertise without long-term commitments.
It's all about cost savings. Enjoy discounts for larger quantities, better budget planning, incentives for growth, and additional long-term privileges.
Always on
Experience the enhanced benefits of our continuous service model.Access our support around the clock for seamless assistance.Unlock additional discounts for greater value.

Our Works

See case
Bang & Olufsen - Explore
Directed by Tigran Spertsyan
See case
Iphone 13
Directed by Tigran Spertsyan
See case
Clime Picnic
Directed by Nikita Shatsior

Don’t just take our word for it…

Maria Shusharina
Hype Factory
Head of Creative & Strategy
We collaborated with Notakitchen on the multiple projects, and every time we were very satisfied with the quality of their works and meeting strict deadlines. The range of the services they provide is quite impressive. We especially appreciate that they not only follow all the aspects from our briefs, but also have their own vision and suggest troubleshooting solutions. There’s always been smooth and professional communication with the team. Highly recommend to everyone.
‘Verified by client’
custom signature
Anastasia Gorusheva
Samsung BY
Product owner
"Hey guys, I just can't shut up about this video! They did an awesome job. I was expecting something great, but I got even more than I hoped for. They understood exactly what I wanted to show and added their own twist to it, which simply impressed me. And everything was done on time, and even taking into account all my quirks. These guys definitely know their stuff and are simply cool! Now I am sure that my ideas are not just will shoot, but will simply explode in the audience! Thank you very, very much for your professionalism and for what you do!"
‘Verified by client’
custom signature
Kate Romanovskaia
Patient 21
VP Brand & Communications
Thank you so much for sharing this video with me in advance! I really appreciate it. And it is ....amazing .... Omg you guys did an amazing job on this. It's full of emotions and happy people in beautiful environments I already felt that you are all very professional but I wasn't expecting this video to be that good! Well done! I also think that it will inspire a lot of young people to join us.
‘Verified by client’
custom signature
Natalia Seledtsova
Flo Health
Marketing Generalist
Collaborating with the Notakitchen team was fantastic. They were professional and creative, making the process smooth and delivering a compelling video that offers a glimpse into the Flo Health company culture. They not only met every deadline but also pushed themselves to deliver beyond the company’s expectations. This video is now a crucial recruitment asset, drawing top talent to join the Flo Health team.
‘Verified by client’
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Pernod Ricard
Pernod Ricard
Our audience absolutely loved the result!! They appreciated the original story and the quality of editing. Every frame of this video preparation evoked emotions and impressions, making them feel the atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. The question of cost was entirely justified. We realized that for this money, we got not just a video, but a true work of art. The professionalism of the team and the use of high-quality equipment reflected in the final result. We are thrilled with our experience working with this Notakitchen and highly recommend it to anyone looking for professional and inspiring video content. Thank you so much for your work and creativity!
‘Verified by client’
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Create - Manage - Perfomance

A production solution built for enterprise

The briefing process is crucial. To achieve satisfying outcomes, we need to work together as a team to:

• Get to know your business and goals.
• Define objectives tailored to your needs.
• Brainstorm innovative ideas and strategies.
• Ensure cost-effective solutions.
• Set clear deadlines and milestones.
• Welcome your input to refine our approach.


Creative is the king of content. It's our most powerful tool. And here at NOTAKITCHEN, we not only know how to harness that power using advanced creative techniques and hi-end technologies. We ensure that our creative solutions not only dazzle but also deliver results, making your content stand out in the crowded digital landscape.

End to end video management
Exclusively for client service

Our customer service teams are your go-to folks for everyday needs. They're here to help you every step of the way, whether it's discussing project details, providing updates, or assisting with your overall video strategy.

Produced by Notakitchen

Our producers handle everything from start to finish. They ensure quality, gather client feedback, manage schedules and logistics, and make sure we stick to brand and legal requirements. They're dedicated to delivering exactly what we promised.


We involve our clients in the creative process and encourage their input and feedback at every stage of production, from pre-production planning to the final touches in cool post-production. Regularly share drafts, rough cuts, or storyboards for review and incorporate client feedback to ensure that the final product meets their expectations.


Nothing but finance transparency during your video production process means having a clear understanding and control over all financial aspects of the project, from expenses to budget allocations. This enables efficient management and optimization of spending to maximize ROI.

The final cut is just the beginning

After the last comment and the final file is sent, the work doesn't stop. Our launch assistance involves helping clients plan and execute the release of their ready-to-use video content. This includes technical support, promotional strategies, and monitoring the launch to ensure everything goes smoothly. Afterward, we analyze the performance to improve future launches.

Post-launch Analysis

Once the video is out, we dive into a review. Our team checks how the launch strategy worked and how the video performed. We look at views, engagement, and conversion rates, and spot areas to improve next time.
In a nutshell, our launch support aims to make the most impact with your video. We're here with advice, tech help, and promotional support from start to finish.

Time to contact

Got a specific project in mind? Looking to change suppliers? Or perhaps you’re just after a bit of guidance on how to optimise your video marketing strategy? Chat to our team today and see how we can help.

Your are in good company

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